KDF responds after reports of fishermen stranded at sea for 17 days

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) has shut down reports that 4 fishermen were left stranded at the sea for 17 days.

In a statement, the KDF through spokesman Col Paul Njuguna said it is "unthinkable for Kenya Navy personnel to fail to attend to urgent calls."

"Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) is a credible, mission capable Force deeply rooted in professionalism. It is unthinkable for Kenya Navy personnel to fail to attend to urgent calls for help in the ocean such as highlighted in the media report. It is therefore of utmost importance to determine the real facts surrounding this alleged unfortunate event in order to determine the truth and stop the unwarranted allegations against KDF," said Mr. Njuguna.

The captain of the boat that got lost at sea on December 9, 2019, said that officers of the Kenya Navy assumed their presence.

Mr Maliq Mbwana, said that at some point after their boat ran out of fuel and drifted, Kenya navy officers passed by their boat at sea.

He added that their attempts to beg the officers for water were futile as their cries landed on deaf ears.

Maliq explained that in the 17 days they spent stranded at sea, they fed on the 58Kgs of fish and lobster they had caught.

“Siku ya tisa apo, ndipo tukapata Navy ambao ndio msaada wetu hapo baharini tukawaita watusaidie tupate na sisi chakula au maji lakini wakakataa kutupatia, mpaka tukaomba maji peke yake wakakataa” said the captain.

“On the 9th day we met the Navy who are our help at sea, called on them for help to at least give us food or water but they refused” translates his sentiments.

He narrated that their boat drifted to Ziwayu, Kilifi where they were rescued.