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Manchester United fans fume with Arsenal ahead of FA Cup clash
By Mirror | Updated Jan 16, 2019 at 21:51 EAT

Manchester United fans have fumed with what Arsenal have done ahead of FA Cup fourth round tieOle Gunnar

Solskjaer’s side travel to the Emirates next Friday looking to dump Unai Emery’s men out of the competition

Manchester United fans are fuming that their ticket allocation for next week’s crunch FA Cup fourth round clash at Arsenal has almost been halved.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side travel to the Emirates next Friday looking to dump Unai Emery’s men out of the competition.

United supporters had already been seething about the 7.55pm kick-off time as dictated by the BBC, who are televising the tie.

And now they have been left further outraged after the Gunners imposed a restriction on the number of tickets made available to visiting supporters.

Under FA competition rules, the travelling team should receive 15 per cent of the home side’s capacity.

At 60,000, United should have had around 9,000 tickets for their followers.

However they have been left with almost half that number with just 5,233 tickets up for grabs.

Arsenal decided to reduce the allocation on safety grounds amid fears that the visiting supporters would stand in the upper tier.

But United fans are not happy.

One tweeted: “It’s an absolute disgrace that Arsenal are only giving us 5000 tickets when the FA Cup is meant to 15%.”

A statement from the Manchester United Supporters Trust slammed the decision too.

"What makes the FA Cup special is the larger away allocations than you get in league games,” said MUST.

"This creates the unique stadium atmosphere so beloved of the FA's premier cup competition.

"For Arsenal to offer little over half the proper allocation is a joke. And to say away fans cannot be in an upper tier, where they are at many league grounds, is ridiculous.

"What's more, this needs to be sorted now. The game is just 10 days away and at present United are unable to sell tickets to their fans. Supporters need to make arrangements for a fixture which has already been shifted to an inconvenient Friday night kick-off time.

"We need to keep the FA Cup special, and that means making Arsenal stick to the full away fan allocation."

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