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Meet Peter Drury, the World Cup commentator all Kenyan ladies are talking about
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Jul 04, 2018 at 11:06 EAT
Peter Drury [COURTESY]

Peter Drury. What would football on TV be without him?

His knowledge of the game makes his commentary a joy to listen to. His unparalleled energy on every goal gives football on TV life

With the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup in Russia set to begin on Friday, a lot of drama has been witnessed on the pitch, equally off it. From Germany’s shock elimination to England’s heart-wrenching penalty shootout, one can only sit quiet and wait for what’s meant to unfold next.

Watching football on TV has never been boring, especially when Drury is commentating a match. His voice has become familiar to many football fans worldwide, more specifically, his method of describing and analyzing goals. Perhaps this is the reason Kenyan ladies have their ears wide open during World Cup matches, not to miss a minute of his sumptuous analysis.

During Barcelona’s shock defeat to Roma in the Champions League months ago, Drury’s extravagant comments after Manolas’ goal sent social media into frenzy. “Roma have risen from their ruins! Manolas, the Greek God in Rome. The unthinkable unfolds before our eyes. This was not meant to happen, this could not happen, this is happening! Barcelona, extraordinarily, eight minutes from elimination. Di Francesco does not know where to go, Iniesta does not know where to look. It’s a Greek from Mount Olympus, who has come to the Seven Hills of Rome and pulled off miracle!” shouted Drury at the top of his voice.

Perhaps this interpretation of the Catalans’ elimination summed up Drury’s superb skills. Read that again and imagine more than 60,000 fans celebrating while he said it and you’ll get a clear picture of what it’s like. The way he uses language while commentating paints a clear picture of passion meeting professionalism.

In the World Cup, Drury is not sleeping on the job. He commentated in a few high profile matches including Spain’s defeat to hosts Russia. As Spain took on the hosts in the falling rain at the Luzhniki Stadium on Sunday, Drury’s comments, to any neutral football fan, were pleasing. His passionate description of Spain’s downfall and Russia’s unexpected qualification would make any football fan wonder.

“Spain on the plane, or Spain in the Russian rain…” he kept asking as the teams were still tied. “Pique climbed high but Dzyuba climbed higher and Russia as a nation rose highest. 140 million people. There are decibels and then there's this," he added after Russia equalized.

Drury also showed his class during the England – Colombia match, providing minute by minute epic descriptions of situations, including the Harry Kane penalty which put the Three Lions 1-0 up. “Kane with the eyes of an eagle and the feet of a ballerina,” he said as the skipper went to take the penalty.

The Brit did his first World Cup match in 1998, commentating for ITV after spending years working for BBS Radio 5Live.

Many will agree that Drury, in all fairness, makes football interesting and is completely informed. His knowledge of the game makes his commentary a joy to listen to. His unparalleled energy on every goal gives football on TV life.

Here’s what fans on social media think about Drury’s commentary:

"Colombia’s kaleidoscope of charismatic class, meets new England; modern, fresh and free.""Kane with the eyes of an eagle and the feet of a ballerina." "There is no favorite on Putin's soil.""Pickford exhales and England breath again." Peter Drury. WOW mans the genius! GOAT

— #BIKOLIVES ?????????? (@azuk1le) July 4, 2018

Peter Drury is phenomenal, he carries you through the game like no other, I sometimes enjoy the commentary than the game. @Football_Poet

— Benny Mathebula (@BennyMathebula) July 4, 2018

Better than Martin Tyler Better than Jim Beglin Better than Derek RaeBetter than Jon ChampionBetter than Ian Darke Better than Alan SmithBetter than Clive Tyldesley Peter Drury sits gracefully at the zenith of my favorite football commentators. He's pure magic .

— Portuguese~Maniche (@Maniche4) July 4, 2018

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