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Kenyans once again show their prowess, take ‘Wazir Chacha jokes’ to the next level
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Apr 04, 2018 at 13:26 EAT
Wazir Chacha in court [STANDARD]

Kenyans should be given an award for being the funniest nation on this planet

Wazir Chacha stole headlines since last week and is now the subject of discussion on social media

Let me sum it up by saying, Kenyans by far are one of the most creative beings in the universe.

Somehow, somewhere, someone always seems to find a joke to match any situation.

Social media has become a tool used by millions to express different feelings towards different situations.

Take the case of 25-year-old Wazir Benson Chacha, who was burst into the scene for ‘all the wrong reasons’.

He is believed to be at the centre of an extortion scam which saw several Members of Parliament fooled into sending him money.

The former Ministry of Devolution employee was arrested in Tanzania where he was said to have been hiding, planning to flee to Congo.

What amused most Kenyans online is the ‘conman’s’ link to Murang’a Women Representative Sabina Chege, who has denied having any contact in the past with him.

Immediately the issue was brought to Kenyans’ attention, DCI Boss George Kinoti said, “We have carried in-depth investigations on this matter and come to the conclusion that there is a special relationship between the complainant and the suspect which I may not be comfortable discussing in public.” He then clarified on his earlier ‘special relationship’ statement saying it was misleading.

Days before Chacha’s arrest, Kenyans began crafting weird jokes about, which fairly have been the reason why the name ‘Wazir Chacha’ is trending to this moment.

Some of the jokes are so funny, you’d stop and ask yourself if Kenyans take anything seriously.

Here is a sample of reactions (jokes) seen by Ureport on social media: 

Wazir Chacha should either be the Chief Whip of parliament going by the number of MPs he's whipped or majority leader given the number of MPs he has entered ????????????????????— Bel Akinyi (@BelAkinyii) April 4, 2018

With the number of MPs Wazir Chacha has in parliament, he beats Ekuru Aukot to the position of Opposition Leader.#WazirBensonChacha— King Fred Asira (@FredAsira) April 3, 2018

King of Lipunda Benson Wazir Chacha has started leaking the Pics of Female MPs he has slept with. Remember he has Sex tapes. This is just Season 1. The 13 Female MPs should negotiate his release otherwise things will get worse.

K I J A N A W A F A C T S™ pic.twitter.com/wm41Ju34S6— Kijana Wa Facts™ (@KijanaWaFacts) April 3, 2018

Ladies who marked themselves safe from floods, when are you marking yourself safe from his Eathquakeness Wazir Chacha??— The Nyeri Finest (@WabuchaGithinji) April 4, 2018

Maybe the 13 Kenyan Women MPs thought Wazir Chacha Masubo is a Minister without portfolio.— Atanas (@atanasi_) April 4, 2018

Wazir Chacha is a living proof that skinny and ugly niggas still winning. ???????? pic.twitter.com/5o59WwbDfL— Kadendi Wachosi (@KadendiWachosi) April 3, 2018

Free Wazir Chacha, Mps have always been stealing from us and we don't even care, and when one kenyan pay back they get upset, it's a win-win
#ArrestSabinaChege— #FreeWazir Capt. Chacha (@VinChurcher981) April 3, 2018

Wazir Chacha doesn't have a political party yet he has more MPs than Wetangula. Love has power, love does the impossible, love is stronger.— Real Nick Lee (@RealNickLeeKe) April 4, 2018

What the Hell did my Homeboy "Wazir Chacha" do to trend this Much???— Steve guzmán (@Steve_Nsongo) April 4, 2018

Wazir Chacha ameshinda aki poke kwa marrriage ya waheshimiwa ???????????????? . these streets cant be loyal— ?Duke. ???????? ? (@siuye_) April 4, 2018

There are boys and men then there is Wazir Chacha! Hot like fire ????— Fredrick Kirui (@twirax) April 4, 2018

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