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Why everyone needs a diary
By Felix Odhiambo | Updated Apr 01, 2018 at 15:51 EAT
Jot it down in the diary [COURTESY]
  • A diary does the work of a faithful servant provided it treated well
  • It keeps you organized and decent upstairs
  • It is broad-based and depends on whatsoever you would want to keep in it

You wake up, do your day-to-day house chores or personal sanitation, and go to work or school. Your day goes on so smoothly, though somehow, within the hours, you feel there is something you are missing out.

Evening comes and there you are, seated calmly in your house, perhaps watching the news, then a friend calls. They are angry with you for failing to accomplish an agreement. You are probably feeling upset too, disgusted. 

You again remember that you also forgot to scan and send copies of your bank slips and loan details to your financier. Yet that was the deadline! You begin to wonder what kind of enchantment it is that keeps you holden up from undertaking such important tasks. 

You look in on a friend in the night to discuss your problem and seek a solution. You expect something big from them but they only turn you down by telling you to see a psychiatric.

You consider the bale of duties you have to run each day and the space of time, and you realise such an option is utterly impossible. The slimmest free time you have during the day is for your lunch and evening tea. So you are wondering, what are you going to do to curb this problem of daytime oblivion? Should you begin taking some brain freeze tonic?

No, you are wrong. There are a handful ways of killing a cat, yes, but some are hazardous, mind-boggling, or time and energy consuming. You do not expect your brain to recite your list of endless daily plans, nay. And that is exactly why psychologists and innovative thinkers invented something called a diary. You need a diary. 

A diary is simply one's daily record book. Unlike a personal journal that hosts your experiences and remarkable occurrences alone, a diary is broad-based and depends on whatsoever you would want to keep in it - either past or future events.

Well now, do you plan to do something in the future and you feel you might forget when the time comes, no worries anymore. Simply note it down in your day-plan diary, below the right dates. 

It is that simple, and you get to do every important activity within the right time frames. But then, that means you have to keep an eye on your diary every day, every time. These days, however, alongside the manual diary, there are smartphone diary applications with fixtured alarm clocks available in app stores that you can use to record your plans and at the same time clock a single or repeated reminder for each. Be sure not to keep yourself a slave of your phone's reminder; the reminders are quite ambushing. 

Apart from reminding you of a future event, diaries play quite a lot of users lives. They keep you organized and decent upstairs.They easily free you from the task-jumbling situations you have always been a slave to and turn you into an organized master of yourself. 

Moreover, a diary does the work of a faithful servant provided you treat it well. When that time comes when you think there is something important you are almost hitting out, you turn to your diary and look it up there. You cannot miss it if you had jotted it down. 

Don't you see you need a diary to cure your forgetfulness? Yes, and if not a diary, you still need a diary. 

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