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Five things you ignored and should probably work on before 2018

I can't imagine how time flies. January, fast forward to December and here we are again.

Even as the unpleasant "Njaanuary" is a week away, Kenyans are not shy to show off their partying skills and live in the moment.

More free time means fewer commitments and here are just some of the things we think you should do this festive season:

1. Go Home

I know. I know. It’s Christmas and the city people flock to the villages and cause havoc, with socialites and slay queens unleashing their most sophisticated art of selfies, taking pictures to Twitter and Instagram with funny hashtags. But there exists the "acha niende ivi nakam" kind of people who left home years ago and never looked back. Yes, we exist! It is about time we went home.

2. Books! Read Books.

Wait, I know what you are thinking. Books? Why Books? Relax my friend, I am no Matiang'i. You will be the same person that you are today in five years but the people you meet and the books you read will complete you. Take time to read books and you will see a different version of yourself every day.

3. Give Charity

I'm sure you've heard no one has ever become poor by giving. Don't think of giving in monetary form. Charity can be anything from money, to knowledge and effort. So why not go to the local children's home on and celebrate the day with the kids. I'm sure you'll love it. The satisfaction is so powerful that you'll want to go back again.

4. Save & Invest

You are probably thinking "Why invest and it is Christmas?" So that you are better off in January and the months to follow. Simple. Many people save for Christmas. Maybe go to Mombasa and dine in the finest cuisines in town or ride on an executive cruise ship to Dar es Salaam. Most have fun and cross over to the New Year broke. Why roast barbecues for one week and feed on cabbages for the next three weeks? It is time to think ahead. Rent and school fees will be staring at you soon!

5. Rebuild & Conquer

2017 is coming to an end. You had some expectations and maybe failed to meet them. Don't dwell on that. It is time to stand still and account for yourself, to see where you did good and what you did wrong. It is time to draft New Year resolutions. It is time to re-strategize and make it in 2018. 

Let's go make things happen. Above all, have fun. Mad fun.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!