Who is to blame for December road accidents?

As Kenyans engage in different activities that mark the December festive season, the cruel hand of road accidents has perpetually claimed lives of many Kenyans, leaving a good number still writhing in pain and injuries.

Salgaa, Bungoma, Nairobi, Nakuru and other towns have recently hit the headlines over the accidents saga. In Kenya, the month of December has always been punctuated with road accidents hence making December 2017 not an exceptional.

As the Ministry of Transport in conjunction with National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has put in several measures to curb road accidents, the big question remains on whoever carries the blame for December accidents.

In most cases, drivers have been criticised for careless driving and failure to observe some essential traffic rules. Some drive under the influence of alcohol and are unable to make proper judgment and make the right decision leading to accidents.

Presence of numerous passengers during this festive season also attribute to road accidents as drivers hike the fare and strive to make as many trips as possible to satisfy their greed for more money.

The poor state of roads cannot be left out as most of the roads in Kenya are not well maintained and labeled. The presence of potholes, sharp corners, and much more cause road safety hazard.

There could be as many reasons as to why there are rampant road accidents this festive season, but the blame should go to the traffic police department and the National Transport and Safety Authority for failure to put in enough measures to curb road accidents.

They also carry the blame due to the Corruption that takes place on the roads as they receive bribes and stay calm on the mistakes done the roads which attribute to a number of road accidents.

To curb road accidents, Traffic Police Officers and NTSA department should just do their job without fear and favour.