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Move by NTSA to make drunk drivers work in morgues sparks uproar
By Jennifer Anyango and Rading Biko | Updated Nov 23, 2017 at 07:49 EAT
Motorist forced to hold a placard confessing indis

While many thought it would help bring sanity on our roads, many others dismissed it as uncalled-for.

Transport and Safety authority boss says current penalties are not harsh enough

Plans by the National Transport and Safety Authority to make drunk drivers work in morgues has generated heated debate on social media.

While some applauded the plans, many others said the idea was disgusting.

The authority is seeking a new form of punishment for drunk drivers that could see them work in the morgues to bring the reality of death closer home. 

“We cannot have notorious drunk drivers causing accidents on our roads yet when they appear in court the penalty is very lenient on them.

“Once we have the new policy ready then we shall ensure that it becomes law. It aims to be a deterrent, a way to discourage people and ensure that they behave well on our roads,” said NTSA Director General Francis Meja.

In the past, the safety authority has tried a number of measure to restore discipline on roads including hefty fines, threats of losing licences and even making rogue drivers carry placards.

But the latest plan seems to be the most severe so far if implemented.


“It is scary to work in the morgue, so if alcohol will drag me there, I would rather stay away from alcohol or if I must drink, then I would have to use a taxi,” said a motorist.

Another motorist, John Chihulu, who is an Uber driver, termed it rather too harsh a punishment.

“We know they are trying to ensure the safety of motorists, but that punishment is too harsh, and, how long is one supposed to work at the morgue? I think they should look for an alternative,” said John Chihulu

He added on a lighter note that if this was implemented, then drunk pedestrians and those who do not use footbridges wherever required should also be punished. But there was also a lot of positive feedback from Kenyans on Twitter.

A lady commented that NTSA should go further by making drunk drivers wash dead bodies and giving them the worst of tasks at the morgue.

“In fact, drunk drivers should be made to clean up dead bodies and do the worst of tasks at the morgue. I fully support that move!” Vionna said.


“I can assure NTSA that if they arrest drunk drivers, drive them to City Mortuary, lock them up there till morning, drunk driving would reduce by 99 per cent in two weeks,” commented Intellect Mogul.

“NTSA wants drunk drivers to work in the morgue as a punishment. Implement immediately,” said Lonyarai.

“Breaking: Drunk drivers to work in mortuary! They should also include reckless drivers and be given six strokes hapo hapo hapo!! I like it,” Ronald Rue wrote.

This move has, however, been rejected and condemned by morticians, who warned NTSA to respect their profession. According to the morticians, the authority was undermining their profession.

Ezra Olack, Chairman of National Funeral Services Association, said they have a code of conduct and code of ethics.

He instead suggested NTSA should consider increasing the penalties as opposed to subjecting drivers to mortuary work.

He said they are not going to allow people to joke with their profession.


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