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Six reasons why getting intimate with your ex hurts
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Nov 12, 2017 at 14:41 EAT
Sex with an ex gives you regrets
  • Once in a while, the thought of having sex with one's ex crosses our minds.
  • However tempting it seems, one should keep away from engaging in such an act as it brings more harm and hurt.

Having an intimate with one’s ex is popular than most people admit. Almost everyone has that ex they dated for years, broke up and now count on when dry spell knocks. They come in handy when one is tired of looking for a partner to engage in sexual acts.

This is made easy by the fact that it is easy for an ex to get intimate with you since they know your strength and weaknesses, they also know your likes and dislikes. Exes are also convenient since they are always a call away and a single memory from the past triggers the very wanted moments.

However, getting intimate with your ex has more cons than pros because;

They keep you from moving on

There is nothing as lethal as falling into a comfort zone. Having an ex at your beck and call for sexual intimacy makes you feel secure in that chapter of life. You do not want to go out there and look for another partner because you know that all your sexual needs will be taken care of.

It is confusing

Intimacy is sacred to a degree. Getting intimate with someone who doesn't share anything else with you leaves you confused. It is also confusing to your ex when you call them just to get your sexual needs attended to. Your feelings also get played since you no longer have feelings for this person.

There are regrets

There is a reason as to why you call this person an ex. Most of the times, the two of you broke up because of differences between you. Getting intimate with them leaves you with regret since your ex will only attend to just one of the many needs you have.

There is danger of falling in love again

In moments f pleasure, any feelings from the past are awakened. When such moments are of you and your ex during your dating days, you begin to question whether it was really necessary for the two of you to break up. Chances are, once you continue having sex with them, you might long to spend more time with them, call them more often or text them. This may fail to work out, leaving you heartbroken, again.


Your ex may have moved on and started dating someone else. While they enjoy sneaking around with you, they dedicate a lot of your time together hiding from their current spouses. They cancel your secret dates impromptu and fail to show up when you expect them most. Do we need to mention getting caught by their current spouses?

It reminds you they left you

Getting together with your ex reminds you of the time the both of you had. It reminds you that they left you for whatever reasons. This is bad for you since it opens up wounds that should be left to heal. The short period of steamy sex you enjoy could cause you an entire week of self-pity and remorse.

While getting heating up a cold night with an ex seems like an easy way to get sexual needs attended, it is evident that one ends up feeling worse than they had felt before.

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