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Top ten most expensive high schools in Kenya- the school fees will shock you
By Fay Ngina | Updated Jul 24, 2017 at 09:19 EAT
Greensteds International School

Education is the key to most of the things in life. Nelson Mandela once quoted that " education is the most powerful weapon used to change the world." But does education have to be so expensive? Here is a list of the most expensive schools in Kenya:

1. International School of Kenya- This is the most expensive school in Kenya offering a North American curriculum. In this school you pay Ksh2,070,204 per term.

2. Greensteds International School- Located 6km from Nakuru, you will pay Ksh1,010,000 per term.

3. St Andrews Turi- Located in Turi, location between Kericho and Nakuru, you will Ksh 994,500 per term

4. Brookhouse School- This is the school that resembles Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Porter. The school fees is Ksh 860,000 per term

5. Peponi School- Located in Thika Road it allegedly belongs to the Kenyatta family. The fee here per term is around Ksh 792,000.

6. Hillcrest International School- Located in Karen, parents pay an average of Ksh 782,000 per term.

7. Braeburn Imani International School- Located along Mangu’ and owned by Braeburn group of schools, the school fee per term is around Ksh 727,000.

8. Gems Cambridge International School- Located in Karen and owned by GEMS Education, parents pay around Ksh 718,000 per term.

9. The Banda School- Located in Langat’a next to National park and one of the best schools offering a British curriculum, parents pay a tuition fee of around Ksh Ksh 695,000.

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10. Kenton College Preparatory School- Located in Kileleshwa, parents here pay an average of Ksh 675,918 per term.

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