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UNGA: This is the only place in Kenya where Ugali goes for Sh7
By Ian Duncan | Updated Jun 09, 2017 at 08:47 EAT
Well cooked Ugali on a plate

It’s been a widely spread myth that the university mess belongs to the lower class in society; or, bluntly put, the ‘poor students’.

And, for a long time, that was true. However, it would seem as if everybody is rushing towards the mess these days. Even the ‘rich kids’.

Dennis Oduor, a student at UoN’s School of Law, says: “The myth about social class having anything to do with the mess is long gone.

Nowadays, it’s no surprise walking into the school mess and running into a prominent city politician’s son or daughter enjoying a meal of ugali na nyama. With a Mercedes E-Class parked outside. It’s no longer a big deal.”

However, the cost of such goods as ugali was expected to reduce seeing as the GoK unga long arrived in the country.

On the contrary, sources say there has been no change whatsoever in the price of Ugali in public university cafeterias.

Bradley Kolwa, a Kenyatta University Congressman, says, “Ugali at the student mess goes for Sh7. As it has always been. No change has been witnessed.” Cynthia Toel, the Health, Accommodation and Catering Secretary at JKUAT says:

“The price of Ugali remains constant; Sh8.” The same case has also been reported at UoN and Moi University. Still, even without altering the price of ugali in the universities, the student mess remains as affordable as can be and a favorite for most students for their meals.

A plate of nyama at UoN – Parklands campus – goes for Sh34 while at JKUAT, the same goes for Sh27 while a cup of coffee is Sh10. Even parents are nowadays pushing their children towards the mess.

Seline Adhiambo, a parent at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST) says, “I would prefer if my son ate at the mess. Because, for one, food provided by the school is a whole lot safer than what they serve out there. Secondly, it’s much more affordable and convenient.”

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