Know why people sing while taking a shower and don’t get embarrassed

Know why people sing while taking a shower and don’t get embarrassed
someone taking shower while singing
Have you ever tried to be the rock star like Chris brown or Rihanna especially while taking shower? Sometimes the best feeling is when you are alone at the bathroom singing like you are the best musician that ever lived.

This one day caught me agape as my roommate decided to take an audio record while I was singing in the shower and couldn’t believe how my voice sounded. It was so cool that I was tempted to try singing the same song at a concert held at our campus.

“That’s the worst song I have ever heard,” the MC said while everybody was showing thumbs down. That was the worst experience that’s why I researched about the variation in my voice

According to scienceABC by Ashish here are some of the things that really makes us be rock stars in our bathrooms.

Calm and relaxed
After a rough day, most people are alone in the shower free from stress and worries hence a good condition to make you a rockstar in the bathroom you are enclosed in a small, warm and safe environment and your mind is free from large audience that might be in a room.

When you relax, your mind releases dopamine (the pleasure hormone), which in turn kick starts your creative juices, and singing is definitely a creative task.

Better breathing
When you are too relaxed and water flowing all over your body, your breathing improves. Since that breathing requires you to breathe a little deeper than normal, it further improves the oxygen supply in your blood, thereby ‘upping’ your circulation and instilling a good and energized the process, you don’t feel stressed when you sing so the blood flow is further improved.

The sound effects
Most bathrooms have tiles that do not absorb, sound that means that your voice bounces back and forth before it dies. So someone is able to hear his or her voice for a longer time before it fades out than in a normal room.

Because most bathrooms are small, the voice has more bass quality and thus sounds more powerful. This makes the voice pleasant to hear to the singing person.
According to Elite daily’s official newsletter by singing in the shower modifies your voice in three ways:

First, it impacts at the volume of your voice and because of the smooth surfaces of your bathroom sound reflects better.
Second, when sound bounces around your shower it forms a reverb which courses your voice to echo and linger for longer for long while shampooing.

Lastly, your shower as a “resonant cavity”. This means that your shower naturally amplifies certain frequencies of sound making your voice sound so deep and full in the shower.
So showers are the best personal concerts and should be embraced by all.

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