What every sports betting enthusiast can relate

Sports betting is so irresistible. The idea that you can multiply your money tenfold just by the click of a button, without so much energy expended, and within the shortest time possible has made it sure that sports betting has grown massively within the past few years. Some of us have become chronic sports betting enthusiasts. Every second we are looking for the next team to stake money on. Despite the losses and sometimes few wins we still grind- it’s our god-send hustle.

Matter of fact, there are things every one of can attest to:

Budgeting for money you haven't won yet

You’ve chosen your teams, analyzed better than you did your math back in high school (some of us have an analysis book), staked your money and you are pretty sure you are going to win. In the mean time you start budgeting for the windfall that is about to happen. Buy a high end phone, probably a Samsung; go on a holiday somewhere in Mtwapa and all mundane things you can think of.

That one team that fails you

You’ve had that team that really messes up your bet. Sometimes it’s a big team that you didn't expect to lose or worse still draw. That’s when you have that ‘Team moja iliniangusha’ moment, a phrase that has morphed into a popular Kenyan saying. 

That one team you never place your money on

Everyone has that team that they don't place their money on. Despite the odds looking so promising, or when it’s playing a lowly placed team, you can’t put your money on. It could also be the team you support.

A mis-bet that goes your way

After the final whistle, you take a walk out of the local or wherever you watch your football dejected. The bet didn’t go your way but then out of the blues you receive a message of congratulation. Going back to your bet list you realize you made a mistake that swung your way. 

Opening a betting site and staring at money, literally

If you haven't opened a betting site and seen money flow you haven't yet staked your last coin. You just see so many teams and wish you had the magic powers to know their outcomes, stake your money and just be a millionaire!

Losing so terribly that you vow to stop betting

Sometimes bad luck doesn't seem to run out of form. It grips you until you almost want to cry. That's when you tell yourself that you’ve stopped only to emerge later, somehow stronger.