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Advice to university students
By enock mukila | Updated Jul 09, 2016 at 09:48 EAT

Universities are the most respected institutions of learning where everyone yearns to go. It’s quite ludicrous that students have ended up tarnishing this reputation due to indulgence in drugs. Innumerable varsities endeavor to put billboards all over its premises terming the institution a drug free zone but students tend to never adhere to the message conveyed. The abundant freedom granted to students here has ended up spoiling them because nobody who infringes on it. Seldom do they recall that freedom comes with responsibility.

Off late, students are sneaking drugs into universities freely. You either concur or dissent with me, but the fact remains that university is one of the places where bhang is smoked freely. Other lethal drugs like heroin and cocaine are in reliable supply albeit their high costs. You can barely notice this until you visit the drinking zones where weird acts such as smoking and emitting smoke like wood-driven train are endured. Drugs have also propagated cases of student unrest especially in public varsities.

Students should understand that they splurge a lot of cash on drugs and this burdens their parents. Some of them are from families engulfed in destitution and thus involvement in drugs is a rotten idea. University managements should relentlessly organize on how to patrol such peculiar zones and smoke out the culprits. Drugs negatively impact student’s performance and the victim may end up living a miserable and reckless life and hence losing focus in life.

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