Syokimau residents cry foul over poor state of roads and drainage systems after floods

Residents of Syokimau are crying foul over the poor state of roads and lack of a proper drainage system that was exposed yesterday after heavy rains hit the area. The rain which started at about 6 in the evening lasted for more than three hours and made roads impassable therefore making it impossible for residents to access their households.

The construction of a soon to be petrol station was seen as the reason behind the flooding of the main road linking the main stage to residential homes. The petrol station, according to residents, was the sole cause of the flooding as it was built along the drainage system in a seemingly swampy area thus interfering with the regular flow of water. The residents accused the owner of the petrol station of buying his way through to allow the set up of the structure along the drainage system. This was due to its strategic position along the road.

The flooding was a blessing in disguise for bodaboda operators who decided to seise the opportunity by charging exorbitantly for services rendered over the one hundred meter stretch running from the main stage past 360 court which was impassable. According to a Mombasa bodaboda operator,  carrying a person through the Syokimau-Katani route was Sh200. This is usually sh30 if there are no floods. Women and children were the ones who gave in to the exorbitant charges as most men decided to remove their shoes and brave their way across the stretch.

Despite paying huge amounts of land rates to Mavoko county council, the area lacks proper road network, drainage and sewerage system. Septic tanks overflowed mixing with the rain water causing contamination, which could lead to outbreak of water borne diseases such as cholera and bilharzia.