PHOTOS: Have you guys seen Nigeria World Cup Kit? – I bet you’ll buy it

By Robert Nyanja: Thursday, May 17th 2018 at 12:28 GMT +3 | Football

All 32 teams participating in next month’s FIFA World Cup have released their official first and second kits to be used during the Tournament.

With fans all over the world praising the unique designs and illustrations on different jerseys, one kit has caught the eye. Nigeria’s first kit has been the talk of many towns ever since official kit sponsors Nike released it.

The jersey is indeed unique. Inspired by the 1994 kit, the white sleeves are complemented by black zig zag stripes which appear feathery. The rest of the kit is light green, with the zig zag stripe, now in white, running from top to bottom.

The common dark green strip, which Nigeria has used for so many years is now the 2nd kit, but much darker.

Here are photos: What do you think?

Alex Iwobi in the official first kit [Photo: Courtesy]
John Obi Mikel showcase the kit [Photo: Courtesy]
The official Nigeria's World Cup kit [Photo: Courtesy]
Iwobi and fans in the kit [Photo: Courtesy]

John Obi Mikel in the second kit [Photo: Courtesy]

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Iwobi in official track suite for World Cup [Photo: Courtesy]
The track suite looks unique [Photo: Courtesy]
The new Nigeria's World Cup track Suite [Photo: Courtesy]
Models tries out the official Nigeria's jersey [Photo: Courtesy]
The kit has taken the football world by storm [Photo: Courtesy]
Fans are now unveiling different versions [Photo: Courtesy]
Official Nigeria's new second kit [Photo: Courtesy]
The jersey is dark green with strips [Photo: Courtesy]