Murder date: Woman tells court man hired to kill her asked for a date

A girl flirts with a guy in a restaurant. [Getty Images]

A woman narrated how she allegedly evaded a murder plot by the wife of a man she was having an affair with.

Caroline Kwamboka claimed that Joseph Obira was hired by a woman only identified as Emacculate to kill her, but she learned about it before it happened.

Obira is facing conspiracy to commit a felony between December 15, last year, and January 8 in Kenya and the US.

Kwamboka told the court that the woman had called, threatening to kill her if she didn't end the affair.

“Two years ago, I received a call from a woman who introduced herself as the wife of Tom Nyakinga, a man I was in relationship with, and requested that I end the affair,” she told Senior Resident Magistrate Priscah Nyota.

In December last year, she claimed the woman called again, threatening to kill her.

On December 18, she received a call from Obira, claiming to be a cousin working with the military. And since she didn’t have a relative in the forces, she disconnected the call.

“After two days the man called me again, claiming that he had seen my photos and was mesmerised with my beauty, requesting for a date, which I declined. He even stated that he was requesting for a transfer to Lanet Barracks to be near me as he asked for more photos,” she added.

Kwamboka was living with Nyakinga’s cousin, Moraa, at Kiamunyi, Nakuru.

“I asked Moraa if she knew the caller, and she  revealed that it was Immaculate her aunt in USA who had asked her to duplicate my gate keys,” she said.

On January 8, Obira sent an SMS to Moraa asking if they could meet in town.

“I was forced to tell Moraa to take the man to my friend's shop and I reported the matter to the police,” Kwamboka said.

Obira has denied the allegation.

The investigating officer Geofrey Kinambuga asked the court not to grant Obira bail, saying he was a flight risk and a danger to the complainant.

“He informed us that he was hired from Kisii to come to Nakuru and do the assassination thus making him very dangerous,” the officer told the court.

The case continues on March 9.