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Four injured in Oljorok after hippo, buffalo attack

A family of hippos play at the banks of Ewaso Ng'iro, at the Hippo Pool, Mpala Ranch. [Courtesy]

Four people are in hospital after they were attacked by wild animals.

A hippo attacked a villager and a game ranger in Kanguo, Oljorok, on Monday.

In the other incident in Rumuruti Forest, a buffalo injured a man and a 12-year-old boy.

John Kiago, the ranger, had gone out at night to check why his dogs were barking when he came across the animal, which had strayed from Lake Ol-Bolosat. A neighbour who was among those who had came to his rescue was also injured.

According to George Nguri of Lake Ol-bolosat Conservation, the increase of human-wildlife conflict cases was due to drought.

"They are coming out of the waters at night to search for food. They end hurting people as well as destroying crops," he said.

At least 30 cases of hippo attacks have been reported this year.