Nyoro finally speaks on succession battle rocking Mt Kenya

Kiharu Member of Parliament (MP) Ndindi Nyoro has finally spoken out on the succession battle between some Mt Kenya leaders and the Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Nyoro, who has been at the centre of the growing divisions in Mt Kenya region after he was endorsed by over 15 MPs to replace Gachagua as Ruto’s running mate in 2027, has remained mum even as the debate kept on mutating to sibling rivalry in Mt Kenya region.

Speaking on Friday at the opening of Kokane Gobo Secondary school in Garsen Constituency, Nyoro seemed to abandon the debate and told off his peers who have been fronting him against Gachagua.

He said he was solidly behind the President and Gachagua, maintaining that the rest of the Kenya Kwanza leaders were Ruto and Gachagua’s errand boys.

“We the Kenya Kwanza leaders accord our President and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua full total and unconditional support as they lead our nation,” he said.

"As they lead us in the front the rest of us including Ndindi Nyoro are their errand boys and our work is to support them because there is an aim, agenda and plan to take our country forward  and when Kenya succeeds Kenyans will rejoice," he added.

The leaders who have been pushing for Gachagua's replacement with Nyoro claim that Murang'a had been neglected and sidelined by Nyeri and Kiambu counties and that Gachagua had a condescending attitude against them. 

"Women of Murang’a also give birth to leaders, and Nyoro is qualified enough to deputise Ruto and become a leader," Gatanga MP Edward Muriu had said, noting that many leaders are supporting Nyoro as a potential candidate for the position. 

The leaders have also been pushing a generational care takeover card.

Yesterday, the MP said all leaders in the ruling coalition had a focus which was work, delivery of services and economic transformation for the country.

“On that regard I assure you the way you have become my friend is President Ruto and Gachagua’s friend for a better gain to your constituency because we are a solid regime and we are united in delivery of service,” he told area MP Ali Wario.

Nyoro's statement comes at the backdrop of the President’s riot act to the leaders under the Kenya Kwanza administration, especially the youth to focus on work delivery.

“Let me ask all leaders that we focus our attention on the delivery of the assignment that was given to us by the people of Kenya especially the those of UDA and Kenya Kwanza,” Ruto said.

Adding that, "I want to ask them to step down any contestation for whatever positions present and future so that we can work together to deliver to the people of Kenya."

This is the first time the second-term MP has mentioned the Deputy President as he has never accompanied Gachagua in all his political meetings in Mt Kenya region, even those held at his constituency.

Some of Gachagua’s lieutenants had started establishing a political battalion to politically tame Nyoro, who has in recent months been crisscrossing the country as the chief guest for various events including church fundraisers and MP’s constituency development tours.

Former Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu said the move was welcome as the tussle in  the region would be abandoned and that the mountain would speak in one voice led by Gachagua.

“Gachagua will continue to serve as a unifying force for Mt Kenya, crucial for consolidating regional support and influencing social, economic, and political opportunities on a national scale behind the President,” he noted.

On his part Mathira MP Eric Wamumbi, who had assembled over 12 MPs last week at Karatina stadium to pledge their loyalty to Gachagua, said ‘a united region symbolizes a region of influence, respect, and prosperity in national affairs.

This collective support empowers both the region and President Ruto's government, driving Kenya towards greater success.”