DP Ruto hints at forming new party for his 2022 presidential bid

Deputy President William Ruto said will form a new political party for his 2022 presidential bid should the division within Jubilee Party and his frustrations persist.

In a television interview last night, Ruto (pictured) was categorical that he would ditch the party for a new outfit should things fail to work out in Jubilee.

"If ... Jubilee is hijacked by the brokers, then, as they say, the breaking of a cooking stick should not be the end of cooking,” he said.

Ruto said he has been in the same position before during his time at ODM and would take appropriate steps should things get out of hand, just like he did then. 

“I was in ODM, but when some people became dictatorial and could not accommodate our views, we left the party for another one,” he said.

The DP accused Jubilee Party National Vice Chairman David Murathe of leading a group of conmen and brokers whose aims are to elbow him out of the party and scuttle his presidential ambition.

He said the party had been hijacked by people who had thrown democracy out of the window and were now throwing all manner of insults at him.

"Jubilee is not functioning as a party. We folded about 12 political parties to form Jubilee. Unfortunately, the party has been hijacked by busybodies, conmen and brokers led by people like Murathe who have no clue on our philosophy. Their word has become the party position,” he added.

Ruto hinted that indeed a new formation was in the works and he will soon jump ship to the new party.

Muthama’s hint

While speaking in Muthetheni, Mwala Sub-county during the burial of Samuel Mutuku Mulu son of the late Joseph Mulu Mutisya last week, former Machakos Senator and Ruto’s new ally, Johnson Muthama said plans were underway to create a new political vehicle that the DP will use in his 2022 presidential bid.

In an attempt to lure Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka to work with the DP, Muthama hinted that indeed there was a new political party in the works and that he had been invited by the DP to be part of its creation.

“Ruto has invited me to a political party in the works, and it will be a big thing,” he told mourners.

Kanu bug

The DP asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to sort out the wrangles in Jubilee warning that if not handled, Jubilee would disintegrate like Kanu in 2002.

He said the same virus of division that infected Kanu in 2002 and killed it had bitten Jubilee.

“I see the same things replaying here where Jubilee is evicting party members as Kanu did in 2002,” said Ruto.

The DP, however, dismissed those calling for him to resign as Deputy President owing to the frustrations he faced from within the ruling party.

“That will be running away from challenges instead of taking them head-on, I worked hard to form this government and will not leave it,” he said

Ruto said he decided to step back to allow President Uhuru to run the show after their closeness was seen as overshadowing his boss by some people.