Journey from source of the Nile to the enchanting vistas on foot of Mt Elgon

We've been on the road most of the week, experiencing Uganda's natural beauty. I'm so taken by the beauty of the land it punctuates almost every inch of the land. We inadvertently coursed through the villages to experience a vista that's rarely seen by those on highways: Modest schools are adorned with magnificent gates that are out of sync with their modest infrastructure. One would say first impressions count.

But nothing can beat the bridge on the Nile, which pans out majestically from Lake Victoria. This architectural marvel attests to man's ability to imagine.

Then we got to a place called Mukono and my guides said: "This is the centre of witchcraft in Uganda." Word out there is that the locals are so superstitious, some won't venture home all year for fear of being bewitched. This bewitching land is full of real witches.

Perhaps that explains why cans and bottles of waragi are on sale by the highway, same way hawkers sell water on Kenyan roads.

I suppose when one must look over the shoulder for a witch, a strong drink would steady their nerves.

Soon, the waragi bottles were replaced by bigger cans, which are used to peddle illicit fuels pilfered from trucks coursing on the road. This, too, is an illegality that happens in broad daylight in Uganda.

We did not stop for either waragi or illicit fuel, even though it would have been sensible to buy the latter given the rising fuel prices in Kenya. We made our way safely to the foot of Mt Elgon. We hope to live here happily ever after.