Let Kenyans get booster shot now

It is best to let those who got the Covid-19 jab to take a booster shot. [Sammy Omingo, Standard]

There is a flu bug floating in the air and it is triggering quite a bit of panic. Apparently, it causes body aches and pain in the throat.

Coming in the same week that Omicron was first reported in the country, it is discomfiting that those taken ill risk the stigma associated with Covid-19, even when they have not tested positive for the disease.

There is only one way out, and that is by getting a jab against Covid-19.

Predictably, there are some who claim they are waiting for a “good” vaccine.” And when the government imposed a deadline when all the citizenry would require vaccination before accessing services, the court ruled against the decree.

The widespread rumours, however, that another round of lockdown was in the offing, have been quashed by Health Minister Mutahi Kagwe, who wisely reminded the citizenry that anyone can gerrit, perhaps even faster than ever because Omicron means business.

Given what we know, perhaps it is best to let those who got the Covid-19 jab to take a booster shot. That way they can enhance their protection and let those who stubbornly refuse to heed scientists’ counsel do what Kenyans do best; Pambana na hali yao.

It’s called Kenyans’ stoicism and pragmatism.

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