Two women and a man who have done us proud

Auditor General Nancy Gathungu, Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah and Controller of Budget (CoB) Margaret Nyakang'o. [File, Standard]

Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah, Controller of Budget (CoB) Margaret Nyakang'o and Auditor General Nancy Gathungu deserve a banquet from Kenyans for their sterling performance in holding those in office accountable.

Omtatah has emerged as a true fighter of good governance by seeking accountability from the government while Nyakang'o and Gathungu have gallantly exposed the rot in government. 

Despite facing the uncertainty of finishing her constitutional term in office, Nyakang'o has kept to her oath of office by making public all missteps by public accounting officers. 

To save Kenya from endemic corruption and wanton resource wastage in the government, President William Ruto's administration must take action on recent revelations by the Auditor General and CoB.

The two officers have exposed rampant and well-executed corruption in government but are helpless since those implicated are hardly brought to book. The lack of prosecutorial powers in the two constitutional offices has made it possible for those implicated by regular reports to go scot-free.  

Each year, the Auditor General generates volumes of reports that end up gathering dust even after Parliament recommends similar legal action against those implicated. Just last month, Gathungu lifted the lid on alleged misappropriations in water companies amounting to over Sh47 billion. Just like in the past, no action has commenced to nail those concerned.

And a few weeks ago, Nyakang'o stunned the world with revelations of another type of corruption, but this time, a budgeted one. For one to point a finger directly at the Treasury, is no joke, for many fear offices dealing with money or else they will be victimised. 

Citing her own salary, Nyakang'o stunned Kenyans with the revelation that her salary had been inflated thrice. She also disclosed that she discovered the same inflated figures were appearing on other top government officials' budgets.

The President, who has on many occasions promised zero tolerance for corruption, must urgently address the claims by Nyakang'o. 

The president should, as a matter of urgency, order a forensic audit of all budget-making organs in both national and even counties. This kind of audit can only bear fruit if conducted by an international audit agency or any of the local audit reputable firms, not a government agency. Those behind what Nyakang'o revealed ought to be out of those offices.

The anti-corruption agency should by now have moved into action to bring to account those involved. Parliament, which scrutinises budgets once received from the executive, owes Kenyans an explanation about what it does once those estimates are handed over to it before approval.

The House Committee on the Budget led by Ndindi Nyoro should also resign. As they consider stepping aside for incompetence, Nyoro and his team owe Kenyans an explanation about what happened.

The country must be suffering due to budgeted corruption which must be addressed urgently. Meanwhile, Dr Gathungu and Dr Nyakang'o, keep doing exactly what we pay you to do without fear or favour. We are proud of you as you have proven that your integrity is on a different level. 

-Mr. Omanga is a media practitioner