Three test positive for cholera in Mandera

Authorities in the County, however, say that despite the current wave of cholera that has hit Mandera East, the situation is under control.

County Health Executive Mohamud Eda said there is no cause for alarm as the outbreak has been contained.

Residents are, however, wary that the outbreak might spread further due to poor levels of hygiene and sanitation in parts of the county

Open defecation is common in Mandera.

At Mandera Bus Park, for instance, there are no toilets or running water, exposing residents to transmission risks.

"I leave home in the morning and go back in the evening with my urinary bladder full because we don't have toilets," said businessman Adan Afar.

Cholera is typically spread via infected water supplies and induces acute diarrhoea leading to severe dehydration, frequently resulting in death.

The risk of death is greatest among people with compromised immune systems, such as malnourished children or those living with HIV.

However, even among healthy adults, cholera can be fatal within a few hours of infection.

Mandera County residents are advised to take preventative measures against the spread of disease; by observing hygiene, drinking bottled water, consuming thoroughly prepared food and taking vaccinations.