Chiefs call for risk allowance, return of APs

Chiefs salute during a meeting at Uhuru Park on October 17, 2012. [Jonah Onyango, Standard]

Chiefs and their assistants have petitioned the government to allocate them risk allowance and security.

They said the allowance would enable them to effectively fight against illicit brew and crime.

The chiefs said the decision by the government to merge the regular and Administration Police under the leadership of the Inspector General of Police could compromise security.

The administrators told MPs during public participation in Finance Bill 2024 that the government should rescind its decision to merge the two police units if the war against crime is to be won.

“We had been working and coordinating well with APs in the past before the merger of the two police units. The merger has undermined our work because we are not in control of the police as before and that is why we are asking the government to rescind its decision and split the police force as before to make our work easier,” Werugha location chief Christine Kidagho told the MPs.

Kidagho told Garsen MP Hashan Wario who chaired the session at Wundanyi social hall in Taita Taveta county that they had been risking their lives, especially during night patrols and raids as they lack security.

She lamented that they lack raincoats and gumboots among other items.

“We also require back office clerks who were removed in 2002, modern offices and training because of the emerging criminal trends. There is also need for the government to set aside funds for training administrators at the Kenya School of Government to sharpen their skills,” she said.

Kidagho asked the government to address the stagnation of chiefs in one job group.

“The law requires that after serving for three years in one job group one needs to be promoted to the next job group and that has not been the case,” she said.

MPs present were Coast Parliamentary Group chairman, Danson Mwashako (Wundanyi), Peter Shake (Mwatate), Abdi Chome (Voi), John Bwire (Taveta), Woman Representative Lydia Haika and Mathias Robi (Kuria West).

Further, Kidagho asked the government to set aside funds for the recruitment of village administrators to help coordinate development and security matters at the grassroots level.

“We are using village elders to assist us in delivering our mandates but they have not been recognised yet, they need stipends and protective gear. We also petition the government to create more administrative units to improve service delivery,” she said.

Wundanyi location chief Elijah Kimbichi said that chiefs and their assistants were sharing offices.

He urged the government to provide a conducive working environment for administrators.

Kimbichi noted that motorcycles allocated to chiefs 10 years ago are grounded.

The administrator urged the government to upgrade police posts to fully-fledged police stations.

Police officers present urged the MPs to allocate more funds for hardship allowances and recruitment.