Man changes name to Zakayo

A Thika man has adopted Zakayo to be his new name.

The man who was formerly identified as Zachaeus Mong’eri Tumbo made the application for the change at the Registrar Generals Department.

In his application, Mong’eri sought to drop the name Tumbo and adopt Zakayo in its place.

He will now be referred to as Zakayo Zachaeus Mong’eri.

The change of name was made official in a Gazette notice dated June 28, 2023, by his lawyers K. Mwaura & Company advocates.

In Kenya, one can apply to change their name at the Registrar Generals Department, where they are required to pay Sh500 to get a deed poll. The department is under the office of the Attorney General.

The deed poll is a legal document that proves consent to changing names, and a person seeking the change should fill it out and include all the required supporting documents.

One should also attach a sworn declaration/affidavit from a person that has known them for over ten years, a birth or baptism certificate, a fingerprints print out and the Identity Cards for both parents.

They are also required to attach two passport size photos, a letter from their area chief, sworn affidavits, parental consent (if applicable), and a marriage or divorce certificate if they have any.

After completion one should submit the documents and the Registrar of Documents will check if the proposed name they want to change to meets the criteria and if successful they will publish the change in the Kenya Gazette.

After one successful in changing their name then they are required to apply for new registration documents as well as education documents like certificates.