EACC report shows gaps in the county's revenue collection

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) says that a report on Corruption Risk Assessments (CRAs) done in 26 County Governments is now out.

In the report, EACC says they have identified various systemic loopholes and weaknesses within the devolved units that hinder effective county revenue collection and administration.

According to the CRA report, the 26 counties have a poor revenue administration which compromises their full potential for revenue collection.

The report adds that this prevents them from a prudent utilization of the revenue in service delivery to Kenyans.

EACC has also issued a circular to the 47 County Governments which requires them to take system reform measures aimed at addressing the issue, saying it is a threat to the success of devolution.

EACC says that if the devolved units are able to address the identified gaps in revenue management then it will go a long way in mitigating their financial challenges.