More physically challenged persons benefit from Niko Fiti campaign

Busia, Kenya: More than 285 physically challenged people from Busia County benefited from the Niko Fiti Ability Beyond Disability campaign, a corporate social responsibility programme initiated by the Kenya Reinsurance Corporation.

The campaign, which was rolled out in 2011, aims at providing  devices that assist  people  living with disability  improve their quality of life. It is also  geared towards lifting stigma that  disabled people face by creating awareness about their condition

The Niko Fiti Ability beyond Disability campaign is a programme initiated by Kenya-Re in partnership with APDK and The Standard Group, whose aim is to distribute assistive devices to the physically handicapped. Assistive devices range  from wheel chairs, special seats, tyre-cycles, canes, crutches, prosthesis, polio bots and urine bags

Kenya Re Corporate Affairs Manager Nancy Imunde said they hope to help more than 500 physically challenged people. Owing  to the high number of people who need such devices, the corporation has set aside Sh30 million to be used to uplift their lives.

"We receive many requests from people in need of these devices. Due to the increased demand for help, we will be distributing a higher number of devices. The campaign this year is taking a broader outlook and will focus on three main areas  —distributing in areas with highest needs as identified by our partner the Association of persons with Disabilities of Kenya (APDK), contributing towards sports activities for the disabled and donating devices to special institutions in the country that cater for persons with disabilities," said Imunde.

Many of those who received devices at the distribution ceremony in Busia were  from   Bungoma, Mumias, Kakamega and Siaya counties. The devices were given to the 285 beneficiaries.

Imunde   urged physical challenged people to  register with  APDK if they hope to benefit from the campaign.

"We as a corporation want to impact the lives of all people in our society. These devices are meant to ease the movement of the beneficiary and enable him/her live independently," said Imunde.

Busia County Health Executive Maurice Siminyu said the County Government had set aside funds in the Ministry of Community Development to support the disabled.

"People living with disability should form groups and benefit from the funds set aside specifically for them," said Mr Siminyu.

Busia County Women Representative Florence Mutua applauded the campaign for uplifting the vulnerable by offering medical, social and physiological help. He asked county governments to initiate programmes to support the vulnerable and needy in society.

"The Niko Fiti Campaign is a noble idea that has brought love and joy to needy people in our society. I urge county governments to support this programme and come up with more initiatives like this because Kenya Re alone cannot help every person," observed Mutua.