Is 2017 election endangering 50 shilling note?

The 50 shilling note has become endangered ‘species’. It is now almost impossible to get a brand new one. Most of them are too old and extremely fragile to handle unless utmost care is applied. I think this can largely be attributed to the 2017 mega election which is around the corner. The 50 shillings note is the favorite denominations widely used in this period of time. The politicians normally dish them out during the campaigns especially to the youth and women in bid to seduce their votes, thus being saved for the ‘right’ and purpose. They will be brand new in and in high demand 2017. Just watch this space.

A statement posted on CBK’s official website partly read, “The Bank is not obliged to exchange any damaged currency. Any banknotes and coins presented for exchange will be carefully examined by the bank. The bank may seek to know from the presenter of the damaged currency as to how the notes and coins were damaged’. This statement sounds impractical and makes it very difficult to present the defaced or damaged currency.

The Central Bank needs to intervene and save this denomination as soon as possible. Kindly avail us ‘healthy’ 50 shilling notes.