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Form 3 student commits suicide after being told to repeat class

By Jerry Odumbe | Published Wed, February 15th 2017 at 00:00, Updated February 14th 2017 at 20:31 GMT +3

Daniel Owouth: Let the youths not use suicide as a way of solving problems. In such a case the boy still had a chance of joining another school where he could be accepted or drop out of school and engage himself in other activities.

Stephen Miano: Any decision to make one repeat should be arrived at after consultation with the student, his/her parents and the class master, to convince the child based on his/ her performance. You don’t go making your bedroom decisions and then enforce them.

Mohamed Ahmed Alhassany: Suicide is prevalent in Kenya. Someone commits suicide for simple issues such as repeating class or a man commits suicide because the wife broke the hen’s leg. Its madness

Joyce Aluka: Ooh these teachers, what is this one’s difference with Alshabaab they should be fired so as to stop this nonsense I feel for the family of this boy God be with their parents.

Imbenzi Peterson: Do not ignore the signs. To this student, repeating was the last straw. Involve yourself in the lives of those you love and maybe this unfortunate incidents might be avoided.

Solangela Denise: All the cruel comments from ‘adults’ who should know better. He obviously had some really heavy problems. But oops, some of you are ‘problem free.’ #sarcasm

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Salim Juma: I’m I reading something like consultation blahblah.You fail, you repeat. No arguments.

Salim Juma: Depression? Really? How can one be depressed because of being asked to repeat!

Monica Ndunge: He is already gone, and its so painful to the parents. May he rest in peace.

Mathenji Steve Mathenji: Everybody will eventually die it just that what will be their cause of death is still not known.

Jaod Nyar Siaya: Why repeat a class? A weak student repeating does not change anything.