Marriages have turned into bitter spaces full of hate instead of love

One of the most concerning trends is the increasing number of marriages that fail due to one partner's irrational behaviour. [iStockphoto]

In Kenya, we are constantly confronted with issues that affect us as a society in our daily lives.

One of the most concerning trends we've noticed is the increasing number of marriages that fail due to one partner's irrational behaviour.

Such behaviour is frequently manifested as emotional, physical, or psychological abuse.

Marriage is supposed to be the union of two people who love and respect one another.

However, in recent years, many people have made the mistake of marrying irrational psychos who show them hatred instead of love and care.

Such decisions can have devastating consequences for both the individuals involved and their families.

It is heartbreaking to see people, particularly women, suffer in marriages as a result of their partners' irrational behaviour.

Often, the irrational partner refuses to seek help, exacerbating the situation.

Such situations can quickly escalate into physical harm, which is unacceptable and should be punished by law.

We urge our society to stand up to such behaviour and seek help when necessary.

Seeking assistance can take the form of counselling, therapy, or even legal action. It is critical to recognise the signs of irrational behaviour early on and take appropriate action to avoid harm.

We also urge our government to enforce laws that protect individuals from abuse and to make resources available to those in need.

We believe we can reduce the number of failed marriages caused by irrational behaviour through education, awareness, and intervention.

Society should take a stand against irrational behaviour in marriage. Let us all work together to make our surroundings safer and healthier for ourselves and our loved ones.