IMPEACHING SONKO : Court halts impeachment against Embattled Governor Mike Sonko

KTN News Mar 02,2020

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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Has Received A Temporary Relief After The High Court On Monday Stopped An Impeachment Motion Against Him. The Motion Filed By Makongeni Member Of County Assembly Peter Imwatok Was Set To Come Up For Debate In The County Assembly On Tuesday, March 3. Justice Byrum Ongaya Ruled That The Motion Shall Not Proceed Until Its Filed In Compliance With The Standing Orders Of The County Assembly. However, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko May Not Be Out Of The Woods After All As Mcas Are Divided On Whether To Heed President Uhuru Kenyatta's Call For Them To Drop Their Impeachment Plan. The Ward Representatives Have Sent Mixed Signals Ahead Of The Tabling Of The Censure Motion On Tuesday. At A State House Meeting With President Kenyatta On Saturday, They Were Asked To Act In The Best Interests Of Nairobi Residents By Shelving Plans To Impeach Governor Sonko.