Kakamega chicken kills six-month-old baby

KTN News Dec 27,2019

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A six-month-old baby has died of shock after being attacked by a broody hen at his home.

The hen was protecting her chicks at a farm in Shikokhwe village, Malava, Kakamega County, when the incident happened.

Robai Toboko, the baby’s mother, said her family has been thrown into mourning during the festive season.
Her son Hagai Bushuru was attacked by the hen while in her arms.

Toboko called for help from neighbours but efforts to resuscitate the baby proved futile and he was pronounced dead.

She said her son was in good health but collapsed after the attack. “My baby was in my arms trying to hold one of its chicks when the hen attacked him,” Toboko told journalists.

There are no physical injuries on the baby’s body. Villagers were sceptical on what would happen to the chicken that is said to have killed the baby. Some said it should have been slaughtered and a cleansing ceremony conducted.