Church leaders champions for afforestation after deadly landslides in West Pokot

KTN News Dec 14,2019

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A section of clegymen in West Pokot county have promised to support afforestation efforts in areas that have been affected by landslide  in making sure that a long term solution is offered to those living in high and bare grounds.  Anglican church of kenya  bishop Samson Tuliapus said that they are also going to provide free crop seeds  come the next planting season to ensure that all those whose crops and produce were swept away by the landslide rebuild their lives.  Bishop Tuliapus spoke when he donated food and non food items to be dispatched to the affected families displaced in camps. West Pokot governor  John Lonyangapuo said they are warning those people who are not affected to leave the camps and that it was unfortunate for some individuals to take advantage of such calamity