Former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda receives lifetime award in Rwanda Anti Graft Summit

KTN News Dec 10,2019

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Former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda Received A Lifetime Award Monday For His Efforts In Promoting Transparency And Fighting Corruption. He Was Bestowed The Honor At The Fourth International Anti?Corruption Excellence Awards During A Ceremony In Rwanda’s Capital Kigali. Kaunda, Aged 95, Did Not Travel To Kigali. Instead, His Youngest Daughter, Cheswa Silwizya, Accepted The Award On His Behalf. Kaunda Became The Newly Independent Zambia’s First President In 1964.He  Is Credited With Fighting During His Entire Public Career To Ensure Good Governance And Upholding The Rights Of People Regardless Of Their Nationality Or Background. The Fourth Edition Of The Annual Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani International Anti?Corruption Excellence Award Ceremony Was Hosted By Rwanda In Collaboration With The Government Of Qatar.