Importers cry foul over delays at the port, accuse government agencies of lengthy inspections

KTN News Nov 28,2019

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Seeds trade association of Kenya (STAK) are raising complaints to the government of Kenya, over delays of inspection of seeds at the port of Mombasa. The recent inspection mandate, put Kenya bureau of standards (KEBS), as the watch dog of what seeds meet the standards to be absorbed by the country. This is contributing largely to delaying the process, as it can take up to 4 weeks before the consignment is cleared. Kenya plant health inspectorate service (KEPHIS) was the body initially responsible for clearing seeds at the board before the baton was handed over to KEBS. This decision by the government is threatening seed traders as they are contemplating exiting the market due to high storage costs at the port due to long delays. The country also stands at risk as seed shortage will threaten food.