Rescue Of Traditional Seed Varieties | The Next Frontier

KTN News Nov 25,2019

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The Birth And Growth Of Modern Science In Plant Breeding Over The Years Was Seen As A 'Savior' In Solving Various Agricultural Production Problems. Farmers Sang The Chorus 'It Is A New Variety' As Breeders Embarked On Hybridization. In The Process, Millions Of Farmers Abandoned Their Local Seed Varieties Hoping To Improve Their Livelihood. This Blossomed And There Was Massive Plant Genetic Erosion For Local Varieties. The Tendency Has Entrapped Farmers Due To Implications Of Plant Breeders Rights. But Now A Group Of Organizations Lead By Hivos E.A Have Come To The Rescue Of Traditional Seed Varieties And Have Launched Seed Banks For This Varieties Across The Country.