The Sh800 billion minister with few answers | PRESS REVIEW

KTN News Oct 23,2019

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If money is power, then James Macharia, the Cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure, is truly a powerful man.

And if money changes people, then it may have found the perfect candidate in the former managing director of NIC Bank and alumni of the University of Nairobi.

From being pragmatic in his responses while in the private sector, Macharia, the public servant, now refers to his critics, ardent taxpayers, as being “unschooled”.

He called striking pilots “criminals” for demanding better working conditions, and gave transporters protesting job losses to the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) the cold shoulder. A hastily crafted directive forcing traders to transport their cargo through SGR was lifted earlier this month, though it is yet to be implemented.

Financial reporters do not remember dealing with a condescending Macharia back when he was fielding questions from them on the banking sector.


But now, the soft-spoken but influential Cabinet Secretary is a force of nature.