THE LEAD: Investigative report of unclear death of university student | GHOST OF KIBOWEN, Part 1

KTN News Sep 30,2019

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Slightly over a year ago, a 24-year-old Kenyatta University student was remanded at the Nairobi remand and allocation facility.

The young man had been tossed behind bars for allegedly impersonating, then Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinett, and former DCI Boss Ndegwa Muhoro.

The trial court was yet to be presented with insurmountable evidence, as the prisoner was granted his release on bond. But in a twist of fate, John Kibowen would remain locked behind bars as his family failed to secure his release on bond. His loved ones would later receive the shocking news of his untimely demise.

KTN's Crimes and Investigations Reporter Brian Obuya, delves into emerging web of evidence, questioning the official line offered by police enforcement, one year down the line.