How to set up a Beehive and start Beekeeping

KTN News Jun 18,2019

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Beekeeping is the rearing of bees for honey or other products produced, for personal or commercial purposes. Bee keeping is one of the cheapest farming practice.

Keeping bees has a wide range of benefits that a farmer enjoys.

Bees main product honey, has an insatiable market. Honey is believed to have medicinal value and it’s good for the skin. Moreover, it’s a sweet delicacy applied on bread as spread or as a sugar replacement in tea and coffee.

Bee farming does not require a fertile land, only an area with pollen and nectar source.

It requires a very small amount of capital to start and a minimal workforce. Most beekeepers harvest once or twice a year.

Bees pollinate flowers hence assist in the fertilization of plants and can also be sold to other bee keepers hence earning more income.

Bee keeping can be a lucrative business if practiced properly right from the start.

Here is how to set up a beehive and start beekeeping: