In two months, super petrol prices have increased by around Kshs. 10/-

KTN News May 14,2019

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The latest data from the energy regulatory commission indicates that consumers will be paying more for fuel after landed costs surged by an average rate of 11.39 percent effective midnight, tonight, super petrol in Nairobi will be retailing at 112 shillings per litre, diesel at 104 shillings and 37 cents per litre, while kerosene will sell at 104 shillings and 62 cents per litre.  

In the port city of Mombasa, consumers will pay 109 shillings and 38 cents for a litre of super petrol, 101 shillings and 75 cents for diesel and 102 shillings for kerosene.

And in Nakuru, a litre of petrol will be retailing at 112 shillings and 51 cents, diesel at 105 shillings and kerosene at 105 shillings and 32 cents.