Natalie Tewa's Now Ex-Boyfriend Moves on with Vera Sidika

KTN News Mar 29,2019

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Kenya’s favorite Vlogger/model couple Natalie Tewa and Ugandan born Moses Rnaze Mukiibi are no more.

The insta, youtube and society-events favourite couple had their nasty break-up broadcasted on social media early Thursday morning.

The two had a confrontation in their apartment which happened to be Tewa being kicked out by the beau in a nasty push and pull, yelling and banging of doors that attracted fellow neighbors trying to catch some sleep before Friday morning.

According to Moses, which later Natalie confirmed, Natalie cheated.


After hours of harassing the boyfriend to open apparently pick up her stuff Tewa was left at the mercy of fellow neighbors who strained from getting more hysterical.

Tewa’s mom allegedly picked her up at 2 am after hours of begging the now ex-boyfriend to open the door. The whole commotion was captured on footage by the very neighbours and leaked to social media.

Moses has seemingly moved on less than 24 hours later, celebrating his 30th birthday with celebrities like Kagwe Mungai in a secret location.