Mysterious death of Businesswoman Mary Wambui put into context

KTN News Feb 12,2019

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It’s been days of investigations into the murder most foul of Businesswoman Mary Wambui; a murder which at the heart of it is her husband and his mistress and now a taxi driver. But from the evidence so far gathered; as it would appear, the state is set to charge Judy Wangui with the murder of Mary Wambui Kamangara at the Kiambu law courts after preliminary evidence suggested that joseph Kori Karue was not at the scene of the crime. The court in Kiambu is set to hear how a taxi driver was threatened with implication into the murder if he was not going to dump the body. But tonight sources tell KTN, the prosecution may just as well ask the court for more time to complete forensic analysis on a number of items crucial to the case.