67 year old Ogege, family members perished in a grisly Kericho-Nakuru highway accident

KTN News Jan 04,2019

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When Ishmael Ogege invited family members, friends and neighbours for New Year celebrations at his home in Kakal village, Nyakach in Kisumu county on January 1st, many considered the function a success that would come with tidings in the new year. But barely three days after the fun filled event, a heart wrenching occurrence happened, one that was a direct contrast to what was hoped for. The 67 year old Ogege and five other family members perished in a grisly road accident along the Kericho? Nakuru highway. And even as their kin grapple with grief brought about by their deaths, an ever increasing financial baggage is still on their neck to give their loved ones a decent send off.