Scandals and murders that shook Kenya

KTN News Dec 21,2018

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It seems odd to think the World Cup, where honorary African team France lifted the trophy, happened in the same year we all went to Wakanda, and Meghan Markle tied down the only eligible English prince with a full head of hair (for now).

Barack Obama also came back home, although he seemed to have misplaced the bag carrying his ties.

Closer home, the year has been jam-packed with intrigue and scandal, particularly coming off the election late in 2017.

Most memorably, it has been a year of political surprises. Having barely recovered from the botched trip to Canaan, Kenyans were further surprised by the most unlikely marriage since Jomo Kenyatta and Fiona Achola.

It will be remembered as the year of the handshake. Raila Odinga shaking hands with President Uhuru Kenyatta, with whom until that morning they were embroiled in a bitter war of words came as a shocker.