The Louis Otieno story |Health Digest (Part 2)

KTN News Sep 22,2018

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Six months prior to this, the story that we narrated was different.

We met a Louis Otieno who had given up on life. His appeal to the public to help him get his hearing back was his final shot at hope.

"What I did on TV was a national duty to the public. I thought if that meant something to the public, if it had any value, then maybe they could help me," he says.

His plan, like those of many other Kenyans who try everything possible up to a point of despair, was to raise money and travel to India and get a cochlear implant surgery that would hopefully open the world back to him.

Fast forward to June 23. His surgery day, after being postponed twice, was finally here.

"There is a lot going on through my mind right now," he said, an aura of uncertainty mixed with anxiety written all over his face.