The River in waste:State of Nairobi River has continuously moved from bad to worse

KTN Prime | Thursday 19 Apr 2018 9:52 pm

       At the start of 2007 Nairobians were beginning to get

        excited after efforts of the environment minister showed

        Kenyans the possibility of a clean Nairobi river.  But the

        state of Nairobi river has continuously moved from bad to

        worse, you will be surprised to learn that human waste is

        dumped into the river in broad daylight, and that is not

        all. Our crime and investigations reporter brian obuya has

        for the last couple of months been part of a team diving

        deep into the murky affiars of nairobui river pollution.The

        following is an excerpt from the Chams media documentary

        for KTN news dubbed River In Waste