Drama as squatters in Naivasha resist relocation attempts

KTN News Jan 16,2018

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There was drama in a Naivasha estate after a group of squatters clashed over plans by the state to resettle them. *****during the incident, the squatters from north lake went after each other using all manner of weapons before sense prevailed two hours later.The squatters who have occupied the land for over 30 years fell out over a list of beneficiaries who are set to benefit in the exercise. The government and an investor have embarked on the process of resettling the squatters and already 148 beneficiaries have been identified.On one side was a group that claimed that some members of the estate had been left out while outsiders had been fixed.But the other group which is the majority accused their counterparts of demanding that their school going children be listed among the beneficiaries.