Tegemeo Institute says technology adoption in agriculture is low

Business | Wednesday 10 Jan 2018 3:40 pm

Food security remains a key global agenda. In Africa, it is one of the greatest challenges as stifled availability and access to safe and nutritious food persists. A survey by Egerton University agriculture think-tank Tegemeo Institute indicates that promotion and adoption of modern farming technology could be the solution to kenya's food security. ***  while it is agreeable that agricultural innovations are desirable to stimulate crop productivity, research shows that maize productivity in Kenya has stagnated overtime while output has been declining. This is against the ever increasing demand for the commodity thus transforming the nation into a net maize importer despite past efforts to.  To achieve this however, farmers may have to rely more on technology to boost productivity. This can be achieved by encouraging bundling of technologies, especially, complementary innovations such as improved seed and fertilizer. In a recent study conducted by Tegemeo institute, seeking to establish the link between various indicators of food security and adoption of technology bundles, that have high probability of increasing households’ food availability and access; it was established that bundling of technologies has the greatest gains on productivity.