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Don't sleep in a woman's house unless you're paying the rent


In a remote and peaceful village, under the half-moon and stars' gentle glow, a series of extraordinary events unfolded early this year, leaving indelible memories in the minds of those who witnessed them. At the heart of this peculiar nocturnal drama and fight was Julius Kipkorir, a 42-year-old man, whose late-night visit to a woman's house for intimacy took an unforeseen and shocking turn.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, the tranquility of that night was shattered by Kipkorir's persistent pleas that echoed through the stillness, weaving a tapestry of romantic encounters, kisses, love, and promises of an unforgettable evening to Chero.

In a hushed voice, he softly called out to the woman, his desire palpable as he implored, "Chero, open the door; it's me, your babe."

Unbeknownst to Kipkorir, the woman he was fervently pursuing was already married, lying beside her husband, who had just shared a pleasant dinner and a night of love, contentment, and warmth.

She and her husband were tacked deep inside sheets after many days of not seeing each other. Chero couldn't open the door, and the determined Kipkorir raised his voice, waking up not only the neighbours but also their livestock in the isolated villages deep within Trans Mara Sub-county in Narok County. From the safety of his warm cocoon, the husband silently absorbed every word and promise Kipkorir made, which included passionate moments, great company, a warm night, all-night cuddles, and tight hugs, as reported by neighbours and the police.

"The husband couldn't believe that a man comes to his house when he is away, and he comes for a good time," a neighbour explained.

In a post on the DCI page, the investigators described how Chero's husband, deeply entangled in slumber, questioned whether he was dreaming or facing the harsh reality of what happens on their matrimonial bed when he is not around.

"A deafening silence followed as the man, now seated on the bed, processed the shocking words, looking down at his wife without moving," the DCI explained on January 5 of that year.

However, the relentless knocking and amorous entreaties from Kipkorir sunk in his mind, compelling him to confront this uninvited suitor, who was determined to have a heavenly night with his wife. The situation teetered on the brink of escalation as the husband's urgency heightened with each knock. Fuelled by his emotions, he rushed towards the door, intent on facing the intruder who dared to pursue his wife in the dead of night.

"But before he could confront her about who the intruder was, the impulsive suitor knocked again! 'Chero! Yaani mekosei?' (Aren't you opening?) This prompted the head of the house to leap from the bed with the fury of a wounded lion and immediately go for the 42-year-old," as described by the investigators.

A scuffle ensued, briefly engulfing the room in chaos, and only the timely intervention of village leaders and elders restored order and tranquility.

Chero managed to escape amid the chaos.

"Meanwhile, Chero fled the homestead to neighboring farms through the cattle boma, further startling the animals that were equally bewildered by the unfolding events," the police reported.

As the dust settled, Kipkorir, now nursing injuries, was promptly taken to the hospital, but he did not recover and succumbed. Meanwhile, the husband of the house found himself on the other side of the law, detained as authorities prepared appropriate charges to address the night's tumultuous events.

This incident, though strikingly unusual, is not an isolated case. Across various communities and parts of the country, unexpected visits to women have led to tragic consequences, leaving families, especially children, grappling with the emotional toll.

In another incident exemplifying the wise man saying, "Don't visit a house where you don't pay rent," a man's well-intentioned birthday surprise for his girlfriend took a tragic turn when he unexpectedly discovered another man in her home, triggering a dramatic and ultimately devastating altercation.

According to Humphrey Mugambi, the chief of Kanyakine, the conflict began during a lively celebration that started on the night of July 8 and extended into the following day. "The boyfriend visited her without prior notice, and upon finding her with another man, a fight broke out," he explained. In the midst of the party, one man fatally stabbed another, and three other individuals sustained injuries in the ensuing chaos.

A police officer at Nkubu Police Station disclosed that a search was underway for the suspect, who was believed to have fled the scene after the incident. The confrontation resulted in a fatal stabbing, immediate loss of life, and injuries to other individuals present. The suspect's whereabouts remained unknown, prompting a law enforcement manhunt.

"We are still working on locating him. He may have fled to Nairobi, as he had visited his girlfriend," the officer noted.

In another tragic and unforeseen turn of events, Peter Mwangi Njeru, a 45-year-old man, met a tragic end while visiting his 50-year-old lover, Euphraith Wangare. What began as a peaceful evening under the sunset took a drastic turn when a heated altercation unfolded between Njeru and Wangare's teenage sons.

According to Mbeere South Police Commander Harrison Njuguna, one of the brothers, David Kinyua, aged 30, turned himself in at the Kiritiri police station, located 20 kilometres away from their homestead. Meanwhile, the other brother, 19-year-old Kelvin Macharia, was discovered peacefully sleeping at his residence and was apprehended by the local chief and villagers.

Neighbours reported that the dispute erupted after Njeru insisted on staying the night at Wangare's house, sparking a tense and ultimately deadly confrontation between him and the teenagers.

"The brothers asked the man to leave, but he resisted and was ready for a fight. Unfortunately, he was overpowered by the two well-built brothers who used pieces of firewood to strike him several times," a neighbor explained.

In Bondo, Siaya County, a teenager allegedly stabbed his mother's lover to death following a disagreement on July 17 this year. The tragic incident occurred after the lover, 39-year-old Maurice Okoth, asked the teenager to stand in for him at work.

Eyewitnesses said that Okoth, employed as a security guard at Sanda Primary School in Usenge, had requested the juvenile to temporarily take on his responsibilities. However, the young boy declined and responded by assaulting him with a knife, inflicting a fatal chest wound. Sub-County Police Commander Robert Aboki told the media that the accused was to be arrested.

"Investigations are ongoing to establish what transpired, but preliminary reports indicate that the suspect had a disagreement with his stepfather," he said.

"The boy reportedly refused to perform the watchman duties as requested by the stepfather, thus the bitter disagreement and stabbing."

In another incident in September last year, a 40-year-old man, Alfred Wafula Mang'oli, lost his life after visiting his girlfriend in Mitume, Matisi, on a seemingly ordinary Tuesday evening.

Mang'oli and the girlfriend were attacked on a Wednesday morning by a man alleged to be a bitter lover at 5 a.m.

The woman sustained injuries and received medical care at Kitale County Referral Hospital.

Local authorities said the suspect was armed with a kitchen knife and used it to stab the deceased eight times in the stomach, chest, and hands, while the woman suffered four stab wounds on her hands and chest before he fled to neighboring Uganda.

"We've been actively searching for the suspect, and we believe he may have crossed the border into Uganda through the Malaba border crossing," the police chief stated.

The body of the deceased, Alfred Wafula Mang'oli, was taken to the mortuary at Kitale County Referral Hospital, marking a tragic end to this sad chapter in the story.

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